Bitcoin back to 15th-largest market cap following fall to 26th in 2022


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Bitcoin (BTC) holds the 15th-largest market cap with $441.53 billion as of Jan. 23, which reflects a significant climb from its ranking as 26th on Dec. 23, 2022.

BTC climbs back up the rankings

BTC’s market cap recorded a 35.9% growth from the $324.68 billion recorded on Dec. 23, 2022. At the time, Mastercard was just above BTC with $328.35 billion, while Tesla held the 13th largest market cap with $395.82 billion.

Current numbers show that BTC’s market cap has surpassed both Mastercard’s and Tesla’s. Mastercard increased its ranking from 25 to 23 by growing its market cap by 10% to reach $361.77 billion. Tesla’s market cap, on the other hand, only increased by 6%, which led Tesla to fall from 13 to 18 in ranking.

ETH is up $50B market cap

Ethereum (ETH) also climbed the market cap rankings up roughly $50 billion since Dec. 23, 2022. ETH held a $147.60 billion market cap on Dec. 23, 2022 — placing it in 77th. ETH’s current market cap is $197.48 billion, which reflects a 33.7% growth and ranks ETH in 56th place.

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