IBATUSD Price Is on Its Way to New Resistance Levels


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Battle Infinity Price Forecast: IBATUSD Price Is on Its Way to New Resistance Trend Levels (November 23)
The IBATUSD price is possibly making its way up after hitting the $0.002206 low level to signal a pump. Thus, a strong push from the current price at the $0.002224 value above the supply trend line at the $0.002521 mark will put the crypto in a bullish trend and this may further extend to a $0.1000 resistance level resulting in intraday gains for the buy traders.

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $0.004500, $0.004600, $0.004700
Support Levels: $0.002200, $0.002100, $0.002000

IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bearish (1H)
The IBATUSD pair indicates a downward trend with a bearish sentiment in its long-term perspective. This is due to the brief return of the short traders in the market which will soon be hibernated as the bulls are now set to take us higher to the upper resistance area.

The coin price found a reliable resistance after completing the downside moves at $0.002224 as a pullback below the moving average lines as the 1-hourly session resumes today. Thus, it is very likely that the bulls will continue rising as we are seeing a bullish correction in place at the present.

Similarly, the Battle Infinity price may likely continue its journey up north as indicated by the daily stochastic which is pointing in an upward direction at the oversold region. This means that the selling pressure has ended; we can therefore expect the upcoming bullish correction phase to reach a high at the $0.1000 value soon in its higher time frame.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bearish (15-Minutes)
Battle Infinity is in a bearish momentum in its short-term view. The trend has just resumed its rising pattern but has not yet reached its goal.

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, November 23: IBATUSD Price Is on Its Way to the Resistance Trend Lines
The aggressive move by the bulls pushed the IBATUSD price up to the $0.002229 resistance value below the moving average lines as the 15-minute chart opens today. This suggests that the buyers are coming in a grand style to dominate the market and sellers are getting weaker.

Hence, we have a bullish bias that the coin price will rise further to the upside if the buying pressure should increase. Currently, the crypto is making a correction, there may be a potential rise in the price and this may possibly retest the previous high at the $0.002437 supply level which might further extend the coin price to the $0.1000 high trend line in the coming days in its lower time frame.

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