WWE To Launch New NFTs Before This Week’s SmackDown Event


The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has announced plans to launch new non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The announcement appears a few days before the highly anticipated smackdown “MONEY IN THE BANK” on Saturday, July 10.

On July 6, the official WWE NFT marketplace announced plans to drop its second NFT collection dubbed “WWE NFT Flips.” The new NFT collectibles will feature WWE’s top superstars set to attend the highly anticipated July 10 event.

This day will be memorable for WWE enthusiasts as the management leaders will host a live event dubbed “MONEY IN THE BANK.” WWE’s biggest superstars are expected to attend, including Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Alexa Bliss, and Roman Reigns, among others.

To celebrate this week’s smackdown event in style, the WWE will launch its second NFTs collection. The new NFTs titled “WWE NFT Flips” will feature three NFTs (Flips) per case.WWE teamed up with NFT marketplace, Moonsault, to launch new NFTs.

The new NFTs, which will cost 30 per piece, will allow collectors to celebrate their favorite superstars as NFTs. Each NFT will feature a video highlighting the corresponding superstar. The NFTs launch takes place a few days before the “MONEY IN THE BANK” event.

WWE NFT Flips Explained

The NFT Flips drop will contain a limited-edition NFTs collection. Each digital collectible will give the holder a metaverse utility to explore the smackdown event. According to WWE, the second phase of tokens will likely have long-term value.

On May 27, WWE successfully launched its first phase of the NFTs collection, which was a success. Again, the drop was inspired by a similar smackdown event last month titled “HELL IN A CELL.”

The limited-edition NFT collection comprises more than 10,000 NFT Flips, each tied to the “HELL IN a CELL event, which went live in the US on July 5. The new NFTs Flips exclusively debuted on Moonsaults NFT platform, becoming the official WWE marketplace.


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