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Binance is suspending USD-based bank transfers

Binance is temporarily suspending US Dollar-denominated bank transfers from Feb. 8, according to an emailed statement sent to CryptoSlate on Feb. 6. The firm said it was notifying affected customers directly. A Binance spokesperson said:…

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AI tokens shine despite wider market sell-off

Since the last wMarket report, the cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $17.5 billion and currently stands at $1.06 trillion — down 1.6% from $1.08 trillion.Over the reporting period, Bitcoin and Ethereum’s market cap fell 2.7% and…

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Op-ed: On Bitcoin and why there is no second best

Note: This is part two of a two part series on what differentiates bitcoin from the rest of the crypto market. See part one here.It could be said that bitcoin will have been nothing more than a Ponzi game if it fails and eventually fades…

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