Formal Contract Settled between Carypto Foundation and i-Web to Supply Mobile Application to 12 Million Users


Carypto foundation announced that the formal contract to supply Carypto application to 12 million registered users of Tingo Mobile. Tingo is Africa’s largest mobile service company, acquired by Carypto’s partner i-Web.

Tingo Mobile has sold over 12 million mobile devices to farmers in Africa while providing service. It processes more than a million transactions every day.

For Tingo Mobile users, this contract means that the regular update for the first half of 2023 will include an automatic update of Carypto’s ‘Drive to Earn’ application.

With the effect of 12 million downloads at once, Carypto foundation immediately secures a large scale of potential clients. Tingo Mobile has the opportunity to make additional profit through Carypto application installed on users’ devices. All three parties – Carypto, Tingo Mobile, and 12 million users benefit from a grand business synergy.

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