High Profit earn Crypto By watching videos


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We help celebrities and other individuals or businesses boost their visibility on the partner network by increasing likes and followers. LidlCash has built reliable connections with Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The job of the collaborators is to receive tasks on the LidlCash online platform and then increase the visibility and followers of the celebrities or companies by subscribing to and liking the videos that the celebrities or companies post on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This helps the celebrities or companies become more visible, which in turn encourages more people to follow them.

“Withdrawals and deposits in USDT (TRC-20)” “Fast withdrawals and deposits” “Minimum withdrawal: $40 in USDT

You can also earn by inviting your friends ! Our affiliative program is

3 Levels:15%→5%→3%

Also if you want to boost your earnings you can buy VIP packages which are very profitable for passive income




▪️Deposit $0

▪️$1.8 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $54

▪️VIP0 cannot withdraw


VIP 1-100$

▪️Deposit $100

▪️$4 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $120


VIP 2-500$

▪️Deposit $500

▪️$20 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $600


VIP 3-1000$

▪️Deposit $1000

▪️$42 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $1260


VIP 4-2000$

▪️Deposit $2000

▪️$90 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $2700


VIP 5-3000$

▪️Deposit $3000

▪️$140 profit per day

▪️Monthly Earnings $4200


If you want to earn money here is link for registration:


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