PolarBearX[$PBX], a WealthTech Start-up, launches BlockFundX, a cloud-based platform utilizing AI, Blockchain to help generate wealth for the global investor.


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PolarBearX[$PBX], the WealthTech start-up, specializes in creating financial robots and automated robotic trading platforms for Stock, FX, Futures, and Cryptocurrency markets by incorporating AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology. PolarBearX’s product is guaranteed by three awards from the Singapore-China-Thailand Asia Startup forum  (Top 1,000 Global Startups, SLINGSHOT 2021 Singapore, Top 6 of JUMPSTART CHINA, Top 10 Spark Ignite 2021 Thailand). PolarBearX is one of the leaders in utilizing AI in the WealthTech industry to generate sustainable wealth for global investors. PolarBearX is launching BlockFundX to help customers and investors access PolarBearX’s proprietary automated trading robot and robo-advisor directly via Blockchain technology, bypassing the financial broker. The investor can fully customize the strategy based on their risk appetite.

Kittinu Muayteng, CEO of PolarBearX Group, including Polar Bear AI Fintech Singapore Pte., Ltd. and Polar Bear Robowealth Co., Ltd. (Thailand), stated, “BlockfundX is the latest product from the PolarBearX group. It utilizes the existing PBX token ecosystem, Blockchain technology, Web3.0 Dapp, and cloud-based technology. BlockFundX connects all the investment strategies into Blockchain’s Block, including fully automated trading and Robo-advisors for any asset such as indexes, stocks, FX, crypto, gold. In addition, BlockFundX pays the reward via Stable coin (BUSD) each second.

BlockFundX’s Benefits

  • Automated Investment via AI-ROBOTs and ROBO advisors. The financial robot can maintain discipline and perform in any market situation.
  • Easy Access without the need to open an account with the local broker. Any investor can access this automated investment from anywhere in the world by connecting through Digital Wallets (Metamask)
  • An easier way for asset allocation. BlockFundX allows an investor to add an unlimited number of Blocks for any asset with Blockchain technology.
  • All holders receive the rewards automatically in each second, which is better than the investment that pays the reward monthly or annually.
  • All holders receive the rewards in stable coins (BUSD), which can be used anywhere around the world or converted to fiat money.

Unlike most tokens, the PBX token based on CeDeFi project has an intrinsic value from Global assets investing. PBX provides “Invest to Earn Ecosystem” and Benefits for All holders such as Passive income generation, Staking getting PBX token and Stable coin (BUSD), and Capital Gain by Profit sharing from investing in other businesses. It possesses value in itself, which connects to PolarBearX’s block projects, including the upcoming Green Crypto Mining Block projects from Solar power, Biomass, and Waste energy, and other use cases such as LaunchpadX and Block companies. Furthermore, it offers rewards (BUSD) via PBX staking and investing. PBX allows the holders to grow their investment for both the short and long term Worldwide.

Website: https://polarbear100x.co/

$PBX/USDT via P2PB2B Exchange (CEX) :  https://p2pb2b.io/trade/PBX_USDT/

$PBX/BUSD on Arken via PancakeSwap (DEX) :


$PBX/BUSD on DEXTtools via PancakeSwap (DEX) :



Media Contact:

Contact Person: Kittinu Muayteng

Company Name: Polar Bear AI Fintech Singapore Pte., Ltd.

Email: pbx@polarbear100x.co

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

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