QQS To Reinvent Earning In The Metaverse


Just slightly over a month ago, the QQS Metaverse project began its 2-month long presale and then proceeded to sell out its daily presale inventory, continuing to go strong more than a month in. But what exactly is QQS about, and what about it makes everyone rush to get their QQT presale token day after day? Let’s dive deeper in this article.

QQS is a tokenized decentralized platform that aims to create a metaverse with the most advanced 3D technology, producing a fully immersive virtual experience with stunning visualizations. The QQS Metaverse (or better known as QQ World) will comprise of real estate blocks in NFTs that can be purchase and governed by the QQG (QQ Governance) token holders. QQS will act as a hub for everyone, regardless of your interest – whether you’re a shopper, seller, content creator, or just an all-rounded crypto enthusiast.

The QQS vast user base will allow monetization through various means such as advertising and sponsorship, providing an opportunity for revenue generation via NFT mechanisms. QQS users will be able to earn through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, playing games, building networks, and so much more.

While the QQS Metaverse certainly does not lack in user experience or the potential for lucrative earnings via metaverse interactions, the star of the show, at least to us, is definitely the highly-raved QQ Card.

All QQT holders will be eligible to apply for the QQ Card that comes in both Visa and UnionPay. This card allows users to Spend to Earn – the irony! – and purchase products with the highest rebates in the market. There are various tiers to one’s rebate rate, and users can work their way up the tiers to get up to 15.75% rebate on products, on top of the emission daily reward from holding the token. The more tokens one has burnt, the higher their rebate rate. The QQ Card essentially gives users to power to not just shop for anything they want to, but even earn attractive rebates from doing so!

The QQS Metaverse project will for sure revolutionize the way the world sees earning in the metaverse, being more than just an experience within a screen but an all-inclusive virtual world.

Currently, QQS is still in the middle of the QQT token presale (IDO) stage, and despite the bear market, has been doing well with significant demand and an increasing price. In fact, the target price during the official launch is set to be around 300% the presale price!

If you’d like to snag your QQT, you still have slightly under a month to, but do be quick and punctual as it does sell out very quickly every day!

Get your QQT here: https://qqs.live/

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