USD Money Machine from PolarBearX [$PBX], Generating the recurring revenue/income with a virtual broker via PolarBearX’s ROBOLinked platform.


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PolarBearX ($PBX)’s core product is an automated trading system that generates recurring revenue/ passive incomes in USD with high volume trading. The trading system is the quantitative model with a winning rate of more than 70% and trading volumes of 300-500 lots per month. The expected payback period is less than a year, with an expected monthly profit of +10%. However, the expected profit could be slightly different, depending on the amount of risk that investors are comfortable with.

PolarBearX ($PBX) is a Canadian- Thai wealth-tech Startup specializing in researching and developing algorithmic and quantitative trading. Their products, PolarBear X DeFi Robotics and ROBOLinked have won three startup awards: Top 1,000 Global Startups 2021 from SLINGSHOT, Deeptech Startup Singapore from Jumpstart China, and Top 10 Spark Ignite Thailand 2021. They also received funding from TEDFund from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Thailand.

PolarBearX is a one-stop shop when it comes to algorithmic trading and quantitative trading using AI Technology. They offer a wide range of Automated Robot trading with different reward and risk structures, allowing investors to choose based on their risk appetite. In addition, with PolarBearX’s ROBOLinked and AutoCopyX platforms, their’s automated Robot trading and USD money machine can be connected seamlessly with any FX broker.

Kittinu Muayteng (CEO of the PolarBearX group – Polar Bear AI Fintech Singapore Pte., Ltd. and Polar Bear RoboWealth Thailand Co., Ltd) said that USD Money Machine is a financial tool that will help the Global brokers and investors to generate recurring revenue and passive income autonomously. We are currently fine-tuning the Hedge Fund Robotics that will have more capability to trade different instrument types, including Indexes, Stocks, FX, Futures, Crypto, and Commodities, allowing the model to capture more opportunities while limiting the risk exposure. Ultimately, the hedge fund robotics will be connected PBX token based on CeDeFi project, where the PBX holders will receive the reward every second in the form of a stablecoin (BUSD) via the BlockFundX use case. Furthermore, by utilizing the blockchain and Web 3.0 Dapp, the product will be accessible by anyone from anywhere in this world.

PolarbarX will showcase the Hedge Fund Robotics with a virtual broker integration in Techsauce Global Submit 2022 on August 26-27, 2022 at  The Icon Siam Bangkok, Thailand.

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Contact Person: Kittinu Muayteng

Company Name: Polar Bear AI Fintech Singapore Pte., Ltd.


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