Viral Ventures Announced Strategic Investment & Partnership into World’s First F&B Metaverse Concept Project Two Monkey Juice Bar


It was announced that a South East Asian based Crypto Venture Capital Viral Ventures has formed strategic investment into World’s first F&B Metaverse Franchising concept, the Two Monkey Juice Bar Project.The project which was founded in Singapore and teams within Southeast Asia is poised to be the world’s first metaverse hospitality franchise concepts that aims to allow a deep development of business ownership in the metaverse in the future.


The Two Monkey Juice Bar aims to bring the metaverse and crypto-gaming to the masses whereby it creates a free play-to-earn ecosystem that is simple enough for non-crypto users to get into the hype of crypto GameFi ecosystem. Developing games such as match-three-puzzle which is both fun and addictive gives a wider range of audience an opportunity to start their crypto journey.


“There are only 114 million crypto holders in the world which is still a small fraction compared to the global population. The current crypto-gaming ecosystem doesn’t really target the masses, it is too complicated and on target to fans of battle games or avid crypto users, therefore it does not contribute to the increase in mass adoption. Current crypto-gamers are just going round and round playing various games with little newcomers to enter the ecosystem. This is the reason why we decided to launch a gameFi that even a non crypto user can easily play” Says Ken Nizam , Co-Founder of Two Monkey Juice Bar


Viral Ventures is one of the early backers and investor of Two Monkey Juice bar with their vast background and experience in the blockchain space, the venture capital not only brings in investment resources but also other strategic resources that is crucial for the project success. Viral Ventures provides their community a chance to invest in seed/private sales that are often not accessible to the public. Visit their channel to find out more:



About Two Monkey Juice Bar

Two Monkey Juice Bar is the world’s first Hospitality Franchising system through the metaverse ecosystem which comprises of NFT collectibles, P2E GameFi, Virtual Juice Bar Franchise.

Starting with launching the “Match-Three-Puzzle Play2Earn Game” with a similar concept to “Candy Crush, Tiny Bubbles etc” with aims to allow mainstream users, everyone even non-crypto users to be able to play, earn & have fun addictively!

The project is also launching the world’s first NFT Juice Bar Franchise for the Metaverse. In the future , the project will explore collaboration with Metaverse Virtual Land developers to allow virtual landowners to open a franchised Two Monkey Juice Bar in the land-plot.

Juice Bar Franchisee owners can then sell juices or memorabilia through NFTs curated specially by TMJB Headquarter for the franchisee.

This cross-collaboration will make metaverse land-ownership more than just owning a piece of virtual land, but also set up a virtual business that can generate profit.




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