[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] WinstantPay’s Chief Innovative Officer, Herve Lacorne


Asia Token Fund News prepared an exclusive interview Q&A for Mr. Herve Lacorne, Chief Innovative Officer of WinstantPay.

What makes WinstantPay & WorldKYC different?

WinstantPay is a network that leverages legacy technology along with blockchain and AI to advance compliance and fraud prevention in global trade.

How did you first enter the industry? 

I officially entered the Fintech world in 1997 before Fintech existed. As a young banker, I wanted to take advantage of the benefits of  “the internet” to bring transparency and automate collaboration in letters of credits and trade finance. As a first step, I asked our vendor to migrate to free our letter of credit initiation platform of its modem connection and allow applications to be prepared over a simple internet form. Our vendor was laughed at me, telling me “The internet is never going to be used for commercial banking”.

As a stubborn banker, I recruited a developer and built SWIFTrade the first web-based letter of credit and trade finance platform. We were a Microsoft case study and were awarded the US President E Award for excellence in export services.  

I left Banking in April 2000 to focus on Fintech: WinstantPay and WorldKYC.

Have you always had a passion for tech? 

In college, I saw technology as a solution to my terrible handwriting. My professors could not read my papers and the first PC was emerging. 

I saw technology as a solution to everything. Soon enough I graduated from building my first PC and doing my homework on lotus 123 to teaching professors with PHDs in computer science how to use a PC. I also taught business students how to use spreadsheets and databases in finance. 

Technology is a tool. PC and the internet have taken commerce global for the last decades, now is the time for blockchain and AI to empower sustainable financial inclusion.   

How did you first become involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain?

I have always been an early adopter of technology. Blockchain has always been intriguing as a technology that can guarantee authenticity and trust. I was an early observer of technology in 2016 I bought more BTC but also fell victim to one of the first scams in “cryptocurrency” fraud. Unfortunately Many scams followed in the form of numerous ICOs with no accountabilities for the organizers.  

Could you tell us about yourself? Please briefly describe the work you are doing for each company you’re involved with. Also, what do you like doing in your free time?

I am an entrepreneur and innovator. I have unique expertise in technology and global trade and payments. My work is primarily focused on leveraging technology to extend financial inclusion and fraud protection. Cryptocurrencies have been recklessly used to raise funds with complete disrespect for transparency. 

I am passionate in my effort to blend legacy KYC tools with blockchain to go beyond compliance regulatory requirements, easing payment flow for the good guys while blocking the illegitimate ones.

I enjoy spending my free time with friends and my family, eating drinking just enjoying life. Unfortunately, I’m always ready to jump in the next venture with my focus moving from wealth to health including the benefits of cannabinoids, stem cells, and healthy living. I enjoy public speaking and teaching, especially passionate people.      

In your own words, what is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain brings ultimate transparency through the immutable recording of data on a decentralized network. Blockchain empowers us to enforce accountability rewarding our good deeds while not forgetting our mistakes. 

Our digital social DNA can now be exposed to protect us from liars and scammers.   

WinstantPay was formed to provide a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency, anywhere, and anytime. It has the power of SWIFT, Western Union, and Visa / Mastercard without the overhead and at lower fees, while still complying to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

WinstantPay will be the method of choice for financial institutions around the globe to stay valid in the times of Fintech. The Wallet will be widely used and accepted as a means of payment. The services will likewise be used by Banks, Enterprises, Merchants and Customers from all walks of life.

They also offer products and services which can be seen here:

Winstant-G – Global Wallet | Multi-Currency Wallet

Winstant-L – Local Wallet | Local Instant Payments

Winstant-B – Bankers Wallet | For Financial Institutions

Winstant-M – Merchant Wallet | The Merchant Wallet

You can visit their website: https://winstantpay.com

Email: info@winstantpay.com

84BG, Street 154,
Phsar Thmei, Daun Penh,
Phnom Penh

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