Payment Porte, Blockchain-powered Digital Payment Cross Border Solutions


PANAMA CITY – August 8th, 2019Payment Porte is a Fintech organization offering solutions to legacy banking and modern digital payment needs to provide efficient, cost-effective, transparent cross border payment services.

The digital payment market is growing every year and the trend is likely to continue accumulating about 12.7% (CAGR) on average. Moreover, the global remittance market is also on the rise. It has reached 1.93 billion USD in 2018 and is forecasted to expand up to a staggering 8.61 billion USD in 2025. That’s a 23.8% yearly growth. Payment Porte is developing a new wave to move money domestically and across international borders.

The company’s first product is a complementary user non-custodial wallet to transfer the PORTE token on platform. The second product under development is introducing a Blockchain integrated payment gateway for use with the newly designed utility token named PORTE. The current intent is to communicate the hard, and tangible needed solutions in the meeting point of banking, finance, logistics and shipping. Payment Porte will allow its users to hold and transfer their Virtual Assets with utmost ease and comfort, whenever they want and to whomever they want. Furthermore, the Stellar based PORTE token wallet is tracked on the Stellar public Blockchain, so users can take full ownership of these utility tokens. In platform conversions through fiat and digital assets is targeted to provide easy conversion of fiat currency and digital assets at a rate of + 1000 transactions per sec.

Payment Porte – digital payment solutions for the Maritime and shipping industry

“We are building the New Wave of digital payment solutions, for the Maritime and shipping industry. Our mission is to empower the public with an enterprise-grade payment/virtual asset transfer solution which is efficient, secure, profitable and fast with excellent customer support.” said Jeff Catalano, CEO of Payment Porte. “Once we bring education and adoption from traditional markets we will focus on SME’s and share this value proposition to assist in their efficiency and bottom line.”

Payment Porte will be launching on ExMarkets Exchange and ProBit Exchange Launchpad. The public sale will be live from August 19th until August 24th.

Be ahead of the curve and join Payment Porte to become a global leader in electronic payments.

About Payment Porte

Payment Porte is a hybrid of financial services provider, and a decentralized distributed ledger to allow enterprises to harness freedom, efficiency, low cost and security. Modern technology bridged with the most up-to-date Fintech solutions.

Learn more: Payment Porte presale Public opportunity coming soon on Aug 19-22.

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