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Making Panama Compatible With Bitcoin

Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:Have you heard about what’s happening in Panama? Hint: It has nothing to do with canals. A new bill has been presented to legalize cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and the latest episode of the


Bitcoin Drain The Swamp Trump

“Same Same, But Different Same”While Trump recently popularized the “drain the swamp” phrase, his execution and point-of-view were flawed. Politicians in the United States have been viewed in a negative lens for at least the last few

El Salvador Bitcoin Law Implementation

Watch On YouTubeListen:Earlier this month, El Salvador officially implemented its revolutionary Bitcoin law, recognizing BTC as legal tender, compelling businesses across the country to accept the currency and introducing a state-sponsored


Greg Foss Peter McCormack Peter Schiff

Podcaster Peter McCormack hosted a debate on September 10, 2021, between gold bug Peter Schiff and bitcoin strategist Greg Foss, discussing the value of bitcoin and gold, economic history, the importance of market prices, risk management