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James Bond Learning Bitcoin OPSEC Tips

During a Casa Keyfest conference session held on January 6, Casa Head of Security Ron Stoner gave a rundown on “operations security” (OPSEC), a term coined by the U.S. military during the Vietnam war. According to Wikipedia, OPSEC is “a

StockX Drops New Vault NFTs

StockX has been a pillar in online hype wear and the latest sports, urban and street fashion for quite some time, and now, they plan to take it even further with a new NFT launch designed around tying physical…

What To Do With Bitcoin

Congratulations and welcome to the Bitcoin network! This is the beginning of an exciting adventure full of countless resources, lots of helpful mentors and online friends who can become in-person friends if you go to local meetups or

Real Estate Before And After Bitcoin

This article attempts to predict what the transition to hyperbitcoinization will look like through the lens of the real estate market. Naturally there are elements of fun and fantasy to this exercise. Part 1 covers the transition. Part 2

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Why States Will Continue To Regulate Bitcoin Use

Regulators continue to debate how to define cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, and whether they are securities, commodities or properties, etc., which is critical for how regulators choose to enforce those regulations. At the recent

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What Is Bitcoin Backed By?

People often say: “bitcoin can’t be money, it isn't backed by anything.” This is an old way of thinking that originated with paper money. Prior to paper money, people used precious metal coins (such as gold) because they maintained strong

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