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15,000 WLITI Trading Competition

To celebrate the listing of wLITI on Exchange, apply to win a piece of a $15,000 prize pool!The top X Traders with the highest trading volume will be sharing the prize pool. The competition starts on August 31st at 0:01 UTC…


AMA CryptoBooster x Liti Capital August 16th

Announcing Liti's next AMA on August 16th 2021 at 02:00 PM UTC Time: CryptoBooster x Liti Capital️Total Reward pool: $500 in $wLITI️Requirements: 👉 Follow @CryptoooBooster & @LitiCapital👉 Join …


TOOL Global Hackathon 2021

A virtual conference with renowned industry practitioners to introduce the newly launched TOOL Global decentralize blockchain ecosystem Industry professionals and panelists from the Swiss Cordata Association, Government Blockchain…